Frequently Asked Questions

1What does NDTC stand for?
NDTC is an abbreviation for Namibia Diamond Trading Company
2What does NDTC actually do?
In January 2007, the Government of the Republic of Namibia signed an agreement with De Beers that formed the NDTC. The agreement mandates the NDTC to sort, value and sell diamonds from the Namdeb Holding Company until 2013, where after negotiations for another contract can proceed. The NDTC also creates marketing opportunities for Namibian diamonds.
3Is NDTC a department of Namdeb?
Namdeb and NDTC are two separate entities operating independently, with totally different operations. Namdeb’s functions are primarily to mine diamonds off the coast of Namibia whiles the NDTC sorts and value diamonds mined by Namdeb and Debmarine Namibia under the Namdeb Holding Company.
4How is NDTC related to De Beers, DTC and the Namibian Government?
The NDTC is jointly owned by the GRN and De Beers on a 50/50% stake. The Diamond Trading Company (DTC) is De Beers’ principal rough diamond distribution arm and the world’s largest supplier of rough diamonds, by value. Its activities are focused on the sorting, valuing and sales of rough diamonds, including diamond beneficiation.
5Does NDTC also polish diamonds and where are they located?
The NDTC only sorts and values diamonds. No manufacturing of any kind takes place whiles the diamonds are at the NDTC. Diamonds are sold as received from the mine with the exception of having been cleaned. The office is situated in the Namdeb Centre, at 10 Dr Frans Indongo Street, within the city centre of Windhoek.
6Can the public also buy diamonds from NDTC?
Unfortunately, the NDTC only sells to contract Sightholders (clients) who have diamond cutting and polishing factories. The public can visit local jewellery shops or our Sightholders to purchase Namibian polished diamonds.
7Is NDTC a new company?
Please refer to the ABOUT US page for the NDTC History
8Do you offer internship programmes and if so in which fields?
There are currently no internship programmes offered at NDTC.
9Do you offer bursaries?