Our Environment

Although mining is a very technical and machine-driven undertaking, NDTC remains, at heart, a people-based operation. That's why the company places great value in its work on the development, wellness, and safety of its personnel.

Wellness events​

In line with NDTC's efforts to promote the good wellbeing of its employees, various events are held every year in the name of raising funds for communities around the mines. ​

Wellness programme

NDTC runs a holistic Wellness Programme across the company, with full-time Counsellors and a psychologist who leads the programme. The integrated employee wellness programme not only holistically addresses issues of employee health, but also their wellbeing in the workplace.


Investing in their future, Diamonds have helped Namibia to educate its nation. In line with Namibia Vision 2030 NDTC has dedicated itself to becoming a significant contributor to educating the nation of Namibia

Our common goal: zelo harm

Our common goal is to activate Zero Harm to employees, the environment, the broader community, and to our product.

Safety programmes

NDTC Safety Risk Management Programme educates employees and contractors in identifying hazards and to assess and manage risk better. The company has rolled-out of programmes of engagement, training and regular safety, and health awareness campaigns. ​