Partnering with Thriving Communities for Economic Development

In Namibia, we have a track record of partnering to improve health and education outcomes and increase livelihood opportunities to support community resilience and economic diversification. We seek ways in which we can partner to generate real and lasting benefits for the communities around our diamond operations.Through our leading Social Way management system, we work to understand local context, engage all stakeholders, mitigate any potential negative impact, and identify long-term development opportunities.

With revenue from diamonds being significant to the Namibian economy, we focus on working in close collaboration with the communities around our operations to ensure we succeed together while creating economic opportunities beyond mining and to support communities to thrive though through our focus on supporting health, education and livelihoods.

Have you heard about our Kelp Blue Project?

De Beers Group has invested US$2 million in Kelp Blue – an innovative start-up focused on growing and managing large-scale giant kelp forests to safely and permanently lock away vast amounts of CO2, initially off the Namibian coast.

The initiative will deliver skills development and job creation in Namibia and will contribute infrastructure development in and around the town of Lüderitz, benefitting the local community by creating employment and upskilling opportunities in kelp cultivation and processing. During the pilot phase, the business will generate a range of direct and indirect jobs in biotechnology, engineering, processing, support services and logistics in Namibia.